Unscramble Letters into Words

  • Find best words in multiplayer crossword games: Scrabble® Game, Words with Friends™, Lexulous™ etc
  • Decode word game & puzzle letters to find anagrams, jumbled words, missing letters & solve crossword clues
  • English, French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish Dictionaries
  • English dictionaries for the Scrabble® Game include American, British, International, Tourney editions
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Anagram Finder & Solver

Builds all words possible from set of letters (Help):

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Crossword Puzzle Solver

Finds words that match a missing letters pattern for solving crosswords (Help):

Help for Crossword Word Finder

  • Finds words for partial letter patterns of known length
  • Enter search pattern into Input Pattern box:
    1. Input unknown letter positions as '?' or '-'
    2. Example: 'c?t?' finds cats, city, cute ...
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Jumbled Words Finder / Solver

Finds hidden words in scrambled or jumbled letters (Help):

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Find Words for Scrabble Game® & Others

Find high score words using game rack letters while also fitting them onto a game board(Help):

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How to Find Scrabble® Game Words

  • Enter game rack letters in Letter Tiles box
    1. Use a '#' character as blank letter tiles for games like the Scrabble® Game
    2. Use Capital letters to require them to be present. 'Cats' will return only words with 'C' in them, but 'cats' will not make 'C' mandatory
    3. Multiple capitals can be used together
  • Sort by score, length or A-z
  • Len≥ shows words that long or larger
  • Optional Board Letters function fits words into or across letters already placed in a game
    1. This option finds words that can be built with your rack letters plus the pattern
    2. Board Letters are input as pattern of existing letters & open squares on game board
    3. Input open letter positions as either a '_' or '?' character
    4. To fit words across an area with 1st letter A & 3rd letter P, use 'A?P' as a pattern
    5. Fit to sets where a pattern is to be found: Start, Anywhere or End

Special Lists: Words Ending in gry, Words with Q, etc...

Interesting word lists & important ones to learn for the Scrabble® Game